Restaurant & Bar

The creative in cuisine is diversity and abundance of Dragon Sea hotel, It makes separate imprint for hotel in Sam Son Beach. Combine this with typical cuisine of Vietnam, Dragon sea hotel will bring guest an exciting experience about cuisine.

Golden Phoenix Restaurant has capacity 1000 guest organize all kind of event inside and outside hotel.
Galaxy bar has capacity more than 500 customers
Opening hours: 06h30 – 23h00
Lounge Bar is a luxurious, cozy and romantic rendezvous
Opening hours:  06h30 – 23h00

Dragon Sea hotel provide a plentiful choice for guest from the simple dishes to glamorous parties. The Golden Phoenix restaurant open all day serves with the delicious cuisine of Vietnam, western and all over the world, they all are prepared by talented chefs. "Quick Meals" (Power Lunch) is a good selection, private lunch in just only 48 minutes from entering the restaurant until payment. After work, you can relax with many kind of drink: beer, cocktail, watching the sunset on the beach or enjoy the delicious food at Dragon Sea hotel. The professional staff of the hotel are always ready to serve all the events with every number, indoors or outdoors, noon or night. We always believe that we can satisfy all demand of customers.

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Why should you choose Dragon Sea Hotel

  • Good price
  • Excellent service
  • Many promotion programmes
  • Support 24/7