The holiday in Vietnam brings the choice of health care and Dragon Sea hotel offers a full range of equipment for the body and soul of our honored guest is always relaxing. From these activities bring the pampering spa, stationary or the plentiful of sporting activities, all customers have many choices for a healthy holiday in a natural surrounding scene.

The Dragon Sea Spa provides massage therapy, body treatments, and facial treatments to help recover health and mental clarity. The therapists are all harmonious combination of the traditional and the modern method. Guest can enjoy the comfortable foot massage and relaxing foot soak in warm water and fresh, lemon and mint leaves in the area or foot massage with natural harmony in the treatment room with a view views towards the garden. In order to create more value for a luxury vacation, Dragon Sea hotel also offers free service and steam soak in the hot tub before using the service in a spa center.



Why should you choose Dragon Sea Hotel

  • Good price
  • Excellent service
  • Many promotion programmes
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